459’ Flying Fox is currently the largest yacht available for charter

When it comes to superyacht charters, there aren’t many that are above the incredible feat of the 459’ Flying Fox, currently the largest yacht available for charter. More like an expansive mansion on the water, the Flying Fox sets its guests up for success from the moment they walk onto her impressive and stunning 6 separate decks that sport a 40-foot swimming pool, the largest transverse pool on any yacht, a two-deck spa, a professional dive centre, two helipads and a number of areas to enjoy the company of your guests with a cocktail or two, and with the ability to sleep up to 25 guests, the Flying Fox has plenty of opportunities for enjoyment.

The Flying Fox also has a cryotherapy centre on-board that allows for a spa experience like no other. Designed with luxury and adventure in mind, there has been no expense spared on this incredible mega yacht that has raised the bar for chartering yachts to new heights. Mark Berryman’s interior design of the “sea lobby” and wellness spa is another stunning accomplishment of this vast mega yacht that goes above and beyond.

At 1,300 feet and across two decks, this area is one of the signatures of the Flying Fox and comes with heated limestone flooring and louvered oak panelling. With her sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and relaxation room that sports a fold-down balcony right on sea level for maximum enjoyment and class, the wellness spa is the height of luxury that the Flying Fox is successfully conveying.

Staffed with former Olympic athletes and ex-British military, and sporting five different types of ovens, from tandoor to rotisserie, one that fits an entire lamb inside, as well as two teppanyaki grills and an alfresco dining area that seats 24 guests, it’s clear that the Flying Fox’s owner’s imperative was to ensure that each guest’s unique needs are catered for without exception or expense. And while, owning a mega yacht of this kind may be out of reach for most, to charter this beauty costs around $4 million per week, which should be just enough time to take advantage of every level of adventure that this yacht has to offer. For more information to curate your exclusive holiday or special event contact a member of the Torrens Luxury team.

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