5 Best Islands of the Whitsundays

With the warmer weather keenly approaching in Australia, super yacht and mega yacht owners alike are excited at the prospect of warmer adventuring and cruising the waters. One of the most popular super yacht luxury destinations in Australia is, of course, the Whitsunday Islands. There is so much to see and do here over the 74 islands, that it’s hard to choose, but choose we did and here is our wrap up of the 5 best islands to visit at the Whitsundays.

  1. Hamilton Island. The most famous of the Whitsundays, and for good reason. This island is the perfect way to enjoy the Whitsundays with yacht moorings, 5 star restaurants and incredible hotels. Stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, snorkelling and scuba diving are all adventures one can expect from a trip to Hamilton Island, but just a simple cruise around the perimeter of it in your yacht while enjoying the onboard toys is a great escape in itself.
  2. Airlie Beach. While technically not an island, it is the gateway to the islands themselves and a perfect place to spend a day or two exploring. Again, there are plenty of moorings to pull up and dock at, and with an endless supply of mainland hotels, restaurants, shopping and bars there’s no way you can get bored with this not so little seaside town.
  3. Whitsunday Island. The largest of all the islands, Whitsunday Island hosts some of the best hiking trails, and secluded beaches around the whole of the area. Whitsunday Island is perfect for a yachter who’s also into adventuring and exploring, with so many inlets, trails and beaches to discover you can spend a couple of days here trekking around the island and truly experience natures gifts.
  4. Hayman Island. This one is one for the luxury and pleasure seekers. With an award winning day spa and one of Australia’s original luxury resorts, Hayman is one of the best places to soak up the true nostalgia of the Whitsundays as it would have been. Mooring is an easy task here, but you may not want to given that the diving around Hayman is some of the best in Australia. So stay onboard and enjoy the incredible marine life that you can observe at close range.
  5. Daydream Island. The most family friendly of all the islands, Daydream is a great place to journey to if you’re chartering with the kids. Visit the aquarium, play mini golf, take in a movie at the open air cinema or just enjoy some simple family time with a leisurely walk along the sandy stretches of beach that the island offers. Daydream is a great place to visit for a day to keep the kids busy and happy before heading back to the yacht for a delicious dinner and to enjoy the sunset on the azure blue of the waters.

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