Amazing Superyacht Pools at the Pinnacle of Luxury!

Some of the best features of the superyacht are away from the high performance of the water toys and more into the mode of relaxation, which for any discerning superyacht charter guest is generally what they came for. The superyacht pool is one of those features. Often accompanied by a nearby on-deck bar and open sun lounges to soak up the rays, the superyacht pool can be one of the most important features on-board. Here we rate some of the best on-board pools worldwide.

5. Savannah. The Savannah pool earns her spot here due to the pure intricacy and detailed difference that went into her build. The mosaic patterned tiles have created a stunning feature, while the position of the pool itself in the C-shaped wrap of seating means that every guest can relax in the beauty of their surroundings.

4. Dream. The forward bar on the deck of Dream overlooks the huge swimming pool that is split across two levels. The design of this pool has left no stone unturned and is as functional as it is beautiful, with the pool being able to be emptied into the dump tank, either from the deck or the wheelhouse, within the space of 9 minutes flat.

3. DAR. DAR’s oval-shaped pool has both function and form, with the raised platform off the deck perfect for families with small children to ensure they don’t fall in unobserved. The waterfall that plunges into the pool from the deck above gives it a mystical feel while at the same time allowing for there to be a curtain of privacy from the alfresco dining area that looks out upon it. The furnishings surrounding the pool only add to the luxury and style of this stunning onboard swimming pool.

2. Bacchanal. This pool earns the number two spot due to the innovative, iridescent glass design that reflects the sun during the day and the pool’s underwater lights at night, giving the pool itself a constant feeling of underwater otherworldliness. This swimming pool also features a custom walk-around sun deck, perfect for those lazy summer days spent by the water.

1. Flying Fox. We would be remiss if the pool of the Flying Fox didn’t come in at number one. Thanks to the yacht’s 22.5 metre beam, the aft deck accommodates a 12 metre pool that sits transversely. Not only the first of it’s kind but the largest in the world. Features of this pool include counter-current jets, a height-adjustable floor and a glass front that can be misted to opaque with the simple touch of a button. The Flying Fox hasn’t just created an onboard swimming pool, it has designed and set the bar for a total water experience.

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