Amazing Superyacht Toys

We have done a number of lists of enjoyable and exciting super yacht toys previously. And we love to explore the best and newest tech available for the toys that are featured on some of your favourite super yachts. But this list is all about one particular super yacht toy that we don’t think gets enough credit. That is the humble tender. Whether it’s getting you over to a luxury secret island in ease or ensuring that you make it back to the yacht after a night enjoying dinner and cocktails, the trusty tender is always there to help a super yacht charter, a late night guest or an owner looking to visit their investment.

Tenders come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the scope of your superyacht, you’ll need something that can attach with ease to the side or the back of the superyacht. But these little tenders can be a luxury vessel all on their own, even without the superyacht to help them along. Some of the most timeless designs are the classics, these are often wooded in hull and feature a classic, almost 60s style boat design. Their small and compact and can go and go if you let them. Perfect for a smaller superyacht and an easy docking against the boat. One of the most innovative designs of tender for a superyacht is definitely a toy all on its own.

The amphibious tender can deliver you straight driving onto any beach, give you accessibility to the shallowest of waters, which is perfect if you’re island hopping in your superyacht. The amphibious tender can also give you access to high tidal areas, so if you’re keen on a bit of deep-sea or off the rocks fishing, this tender would be the perfect addition to your luxury vessel. Whether you’re interested in tenders or other toys, Torrens Luxury Collection has a wide range of expert advice when it comes to superyacht news and innovation, their friendly team can help you no matter what your question might be.

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