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YachtEye is a system integrator independent framework that connects your NMEA data with beautiful dashboards and entertainment modules. The system intuitively shares valuable insights about the journey, the stay on board and the surroundings. You can use the framework to add visual stories that explain why your yacht is unique or special. You can interact with YachtEye via TV, touchscreens and iPads to get more information about the route highlights, itinerary, weather conditions, tender positions, menu of the day and much more.

A YachtEye unit, local sensor data and optionally an internet connection are the basic ingredients to start the YachtEye infotainment solution. The solution can be installed by any system integrator you prefer. There are endless ways to integrate the solution on board of the yacht. It is even possible to have YachtEye as your main control system. 

Framework Features

Create a simple yet elegant solution with an NMEA Integrated module with your 3D model and custom gauges relevant to you. Your yacht is displayed in 3D at its current position in a multi-viewpoint animation with several zoom levels. This features’ dynamic movements visually engage the system user with realistic visual effects. Your yacht is featured in its real-time situation formed by accurate and detailed 3D terrain satellite imagery.

Simplified Dashboard

Perfect for a TV-Channel screensaver. All the information you need right there in front you.

Visit https://www.yachteye.com/  to get more information on the YachtEye.

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