Hi-tech Yacht Drone Defence Systems Securing Your Yacht

Security on superyachts has rapidly come to the forefront of conversation amongst industry peers. Indeed, as we transition into the digital age, privacy in general has become an incredibly valuable commodity. For most UHNW individuals, the idea of being able to escape the rest of the world and become truly free and independent is a major part of the allure of owning a superyacht in the first place – it’s possibly one of the strongest unique selling points the industry has to offer. The fact that the luxury of privacy can be stripped away from a superyacht owner at the hands of anyone with a webcam and a little remote control helicopter is almost as tragic as it is comical.

However, Drone Defence – a company based in the Midlands of the UK are setting out a plan to make drone defence technology a more standardised product on board private vessels. While drone defence is currently seen as a highly bespoke feature, used mainly for superyachts over 60 metres in length, the company believe superyachts in the 40-60 metre range can also benefit. Drone Defence recently entered into a partnership with a superyacht builder, in a bid to supply the counter-drone needs for buyers of next-generation yachts. Their innovative drone counter-measures are now integrated into some new yachts.

The increasing demand for drone defence systems is not only down to having a more educated market, there has also been an increase in the number of attacks. Many reported cases have been noted by security experts  and with no wat to stop them your privacy and your security can be under threat.

There have been a number of calls from different corners of the industry asking why crew aren’t being educated on cyber security and a wider range of safety training techniques. That’s why the Drone Defence product is designed with ‘plug and play’ easy to use software that even the greenest masters of none can operate.

The interesting dynamic is that drone attacks are usually perceived as a risk of physical harm, however, the biggest threat with drone attacks is actually how it can threaten privacy – a risk which can sometimes be even more harmful.

With more yachts being built than ever before, and the need to ensure the final product is future proof, it is likely that we will see companies such as Drone Defence capitalise on a expanding market place. It will be interesting to witness the extent of their success as the next generation of owners enter the marketplace with their tech savvy knowledge and educated understanding of what the real threats to livelihood are in the digital age.

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