The Building of a Superyacht

The age-old question of, should I build or buy, is just as relevant for Superyachts as it is for a home, and usually just as complicated. Most people will opt for the easy option and just buy a new or refitted yacht and maybe make a few minor changes and this will save you much time, money and anguish.

For those that love their individualism, have a creative instinct and love a challenge then building your own superyacht can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life. To create is to be Godlike, and to design and build a Superyacht is an epic human adventure. Combined they do form an irresistible attraction for those so inclined.

Let’s assume that budget is not concern, where do you start? Like with all good projects you start with study and research, and you find qualified and experienced experts to give you advice and information as required. Pen to paper and start to create your master plan – including the what, why, who, how, where, when and how much. Luckily, all master projects work on the same formular and then it comes down to the skill of the individual as into how well they complete all of these sections of the master plan.

What; What type of Superyacht do you like?
Classic Superyachts, Luxury Superyachts, Mega Superyachts, Expedition Superyachts, Charter Fitted Superyachts, Multi-hulled Superyachts, High Performance Superyachts, Eco-friendly superyachts and a few more niched styles for every desire.

You will need to spend a few months spending time online, at boat shows, reading expert blogs and articles and talking with industry experts like Torrens Yachts to get a feel for what you like. It’s best to use a technique like NLP, Neuro linguistic programming, where you imagine yourself on your Superyacht and doing the day to night activities. Getting up in the morning what do you want to see and hear, what does breakfast look like, what does the interior look like that would make you smile the most, what design is the main deck, what facilities do you want at hand…. Imagine, imagine, image is the key to creation.

When you have a continuous input of information regarding yacht designs, types and styles you imagination can run wild and so it’s important to have pen and paper ready at all times to jot down your ideas and imaginings. This initial imagination and creation process may take several months to even years as a master creation needs to be savoured, not rushed.

Now comes the day or reckoning as we must answer the Why?
Now that you know all about Superyachts you must ask yourself the question; Why do I want to build and own a Superyacht? Is it something real or just vanity, is it something you have to do or just something you want to do? If building your own Superyacht is real and something you have to do, then move forward as now then fun starts.

The Who?
Who will be your master builder and yacht construction company? Within the who comes the What type of Superyacht and what construction materials will be used. With all the hi-tech and low-tech eco friendly boat hull materials available today the choices become almost endless but one thing you can take to the bank is that the days of heavy, resin soaked, toxic materials are on the out and new composites, carbon fibre, plastics and moulds are in if you want your Superyacht to hold its value into the future. Your choice of boat builder will be directly controlled by these two factors which will significantly cut down your list so you will be able to target and approach a handful builders to feel out their works and systems to see if they are a fit with your dreams and goals.

From here we’ll leave it up to you and your master builder and designers and wish you the best of luck while you create your masterpiece.

Article created by Torrens Luxury Collection, Gold Coast Australia. For more Luxury Yachting articles and blogs just go to or contact us on 1300 148 648.

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