TLC Top 5 Water Toys – Where Luxury Meets Fun!

When it comes to superyacht charters, yes, we love the adventure of cruising the waters in stylish comfort. And yes, we love the feeling of having our every need fulfilled by a warm and friendly staff member on hand to ensure we have everything we desire. But one of the best things about chartering a superyacht? The toys. Here we unpack the top 5 water toys for superyachts.
5. Foil Boards. These guys are an underrated but perfect addition to any yacht charter, especially if you’re heading into waters in the Whitsundays, Sydney, or the Gold Coast. If you’ve never had a try on a foil board, these boards will revolutionise your thrill experience. The placement of the hydrofoil under the board that extends into the water means that once the board gains speed the foil will lift out of the water due to the kinetic energy of the hydrofoil. This means that the faster you go the more it will feel like flying.

4. SeaBobs. The SeaBob is one of the best toys to get out into the water with when you’re out on a yacht charter. Speed is the name of the game here, and with their control grips that allow the rider full manoeuvrability and grasp, how fast you go depends on you. Experience the vastness of the coral reefs with a SeaBob that glides you on top of the waves and ducks you under whenever you’re ready with ease.

3. Sea-Doos. A Sea-Doo is one of the most popular superyacht toys because it’s easy to store and spells maximum fun for all guests. Whether you’re just starting out on watercraft, or you’ve got years of experience, a day out on the Sea-Doo means thrills and plenty of adventure. Flat, stable and comfortable, these water toys are built for yacht charters because they can get you to harder-to-reach places with safety and ease, plus lots of excitement.

2. Tenders. The humble tender is an easily overlooked water toy that generally is a given when it comes to superyachts. Give they’re often required to get guests to and from the yacht itself when moored or anchored, they can often seem a little bit part of the furniture. But they’ve earned the number two spot on our list for their speed and versatility. From being the perfect mode of transport for island hopping to being the ultimate in speed, thrills and adventure, for any guest that likes a speed boat ride, the tender is one of the best superyacht toys we can name.

1. Submarines. This has earned itself the top spot on our list, due to the incredible sights that you can take in on one of these awesome water toys. The compact submarine is an unusual water toy to see on a superyacht, but they’re gaining popularity and picking up traction with their ability to drop down into new territory for guests of the charter wishing to dive but not wanting to actually get wet. A compact water toy submarine offers panoramic views of the coral reef wherever you may be chartering and can give guests the ultimate in luxury water toy experience.

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