Top 3 Largest Superyachts you can Charter

Chartering a superyacht is an experience that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, although, be warned, once you’ve chartered once you’ll want to go back again and again for the thrills and excitement of it. Not to mention the availability of a crew that is ready and willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you have the charter holiday of your dreams. When it comes to superyachts, it’s not always bigger is better, as some of the smaller ones are equally as exceptional. However, in case you were wondering, here’s three of the largest superyachts that are available right now for you to charter, should you so wish:

At 450 feet long, the Flying Fox is by far the largest superyacht that is currently available for charter. Sleeping 25 guests and expanding across six separate decks, this yacht can’t be competed with when it comes to sheer size. This superyacht comes with its own cryotherapy room and day spa, as well as two helipads for ease of access. Staffed by a crew of 50 there is plenty to do and see on the yacht alone, let alone the destinations to which it travels. Chartering this boat will set you back a cool $4M per week, but it definitely looks worth it.

The Brunetti-built LANA is next in at 328 feet long. Sleeping a maximum of 12 guests, it’s the perfect entertainer’s yacht. A crew of 33 is available to all guests through night and day and this superyacht also features a beach club with a massage room and gym. A large swimming pool on deck, as well as a single helipad rounds off this dreamy vessel in a yacht charter’s fantasy.

German shipyard Lurssen’s FULL CUSTOM MEGA YACHT is the last one on this list, settling in at a very respectable 365 feet long. This superyacht sports its own tender garage that houses 4 tenders and a submarine, as well as a resort-style spa and a Bridge deck swimming pool. The center-piece staircases that sweep through the yacht, really drive home how incredible this luxury superyacht is. Sleeping 22 guests over 12 suites, it rivals the Flying Fox for sheer entertainment value and with 38 crew there’s plenty of available staff should any of the guests require anything during their charter.

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