Top Tenders in Time for Summer!

Tenders are the pillar of the superyacht industry. These compact and reliable watercraft allow packages to be delivered, food to be served, off-board trips to be organised and thrills to be had. We look at the top 3 tenders that are perfect for the coming summer months.

3. The J-Craft. J-Craft is classic in its combination of old-world style and glamour coupled with innovative and cutting-edge technology designed for power and experience. A tender where form and function come together to create a wondrous contemporary performance without losing the feeling of living the good life. Bespoke in their design, the J-Craft is a perfect example of a tender that gives you the feeling of luxury, style and class before you even step one foot onto the superyacht itself. Perfect for a superyacht that is equally as beautifully formulated.

2. Brig. The Brig and one of its popular designs, the Eagle 10, gets points for function and style. Its larger hull means that it’s perfect for a family-designed superyacht or a superyacht that carries a larger amount of guests. No guest will be left behind on this beauty, and its style hasn’t been compromised within the build. Due to the buoyancy and durability of the tubes, the Eagle 10 is virtually unsinkable. Meaning that this is the perfect tender for a superyacht that values the safety of all guests.


1. The Boston Whaler. This has gained the number one spot on our list today due to its sheer size and ability for any guest experience. Perfect for the open water and any number of fishing expeditions, this tender is hard to beat for quality and design. Equipped with an enclosed cabin, as well as plenty of room for all guests, the Boston Whaler ensures comfort, safety and accessibility without compromising on speed and power. This tender is perfect for those who wish to explore off-board the yacht for a full day.

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